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Scheduling your ride

How to board

Canceling and changing your ride

Southside/Peninsula Transfer:

Important Phone Numbers:



In accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), it is our charge as the public transportation provider in Hampton Roads to serve all eligible and certified riders and trios, a responsibility we don’t take lightly.  To that end, Handi-Ride provides curb-to-curb public transportation to those persons who because of their disability(ies) cannot use the regular fixed-route public bus service for some or all of their transit trips. All persons with disabilities who are traveling within the Handi-Ride service area and who have been certified are eligible for service.

Hampton Roads Transit’s Para transit service operates the same days and hours as the fixed route bus service.  The service area, according to the ADA, is any location within ¾ miles of any fixed route bus service, which in the Hampton Roads region includes the cities of Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport New, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Virginia Beach.


To become certified as eligible to use the Handi-Ride service, you must submit an “Application for ADA Complementary Para transit Service:  We will contact you after receiving your application form to schedule an in-person interview and functional assessment so that we can determine your eligibility for ADA complementary par transit service (Handi-Ride).  Within twenty-one  (21) days of your in-person interview, we will send you notification of your eligibility to use Handi-Ride, or you will receive “presumptive eligibility”  which will allow you to ride until an eligibility decision is made.

Depending on you individual circumstances, Handi-Ride users are certified as eligible for services for a maximum period of up to three (3) years. Recertification is required of each Handi-Ride user prior to their expiration of the current eligibility period.  Please keep in mind that a reminder will not be sent to you when your Handi-Ride eligibility is about to expire.  You are responsible for contacting HRT for re-certification information at least thirty (30) days before your expiration date, which is shown in your certification letter and on your I.D. card.


Scheduling your ride:

When you receive your eligibility certification, you will receive a Handi-Ride I.D. number and card.  You will be required to use this number when making reservations. Reservations can be made from three (3) days in advance of your requested ride until 5:00 p.m. the day before.  You may call as early as 8:00 a.m. to schedule your ride, and reservations are taken seven (7) days a week. Handi- Ride does not accept same day reservations for rides.

Handi-Ride pick-ups are based on a thirty (30) minute window.  You will be given that pick-up window when making your reservation. For example, if you have a 2:00 p.m. pick-up, the driver may arrive anytime between 1:45 and 2:15 and be considered on time.

If you will be riding with a personal care attendant (PCA) or a companion (guest), please tell the reservationist.  A PCA may accompany a certified Handi-Ride user at no additional charge.  Your file must indicate that you are eligible to have a PCA travel with you.  Companions must pay the $3.00 Handi-Ride fare, just as you do.  If you want to have more than one companion travel with you, it will depend on space availability.


How to Board:

Please have the correct cash fare or ticket when boarding the Handi-Ride vehicle.  The fare is $3.00 per trip.  Handi-Ride is a curb-to-curb service, not door-to-door.  Please meet the vehicle at the curb when it arrives.  Handi-Ride is a shared ride service. It public transportation and others may share a ride with you.

Please be ready to board the vehicle immediately upon its arrival. The driver will wait no longer than 5 minutes for you at the pick-up location.

Your safety is very important to us. Please comply with Handi-Ride rules, and be considerate of your driver and fellow passengers.  Each certified rider is limited to two (2) grocery bags or similar sized carry-on packages.  The operator cannot carry packages for anyone.  We welcome trained service animals, but they must be kept under your control.


Canceling and changing your ride:

If you wish to cancel your Handi-Ride trip, you must do so at least two (2) hours before your pick-up window. If your Handi-Ride arrives and you do not board, and have not cancelled with enough time in advance, you will be charged the full fare for the ride and will be charged with a “No Show”.  If you have too many “No Shows”, you may be subject to suspension of service.

If you will not be ready for your return trip as originally scheduled, call Handi-Ride as soon as possible to let them know.  Your trip will then be made a “will call” meaning you will be able to call back when you are ready. However we cannot promise when the vehicle will arrive.

Handi-Ride drivers cannot take scheduling changes, cancellations, etc., from you.  All changes or cancellations must be called into the Handi-Ride reservations office. Cancellations numbers as well as reservation numbers are now being given.  When you call to reserve or cancel your ride, please leave a message with the reservation or cancellation information.  Ask for a call back in your message, and someone will call you back to give you a number.


Southside/Peninsula Transfer:

If you would like to travel between the Southside and the Peninsula or vice versa, you must reserve a ride with Handi-Ride for transportation to and from the Route 61 Crossroads bus, unless you have other options. Handi-Ride vehicles do not make trips from one side to the other.  Your trip can be made with transfers between the Handi-Ride vehicle and the bus, which is wheelchair accessible. The one-way fare is $3.00 and transfers are free. You must make sure that you schedule your Handi-Ride trip to accommodate the Route 61 Crossroads bus schedule.  Remember that traffic delays sometimes occur.  Be sure to let Handi-Ride dispatch know the time you need to meet the Route 61 bus and when it is due to arrive on the other side.


Important Phone Numbers:

To schedule, cancel, or check on your Handi-Ride call MV Transportation at 455-8010

To inquire about Handi-Ride eligibility or certification call 222-6087.

To offer a suggestion, file a complaint or give a compliment call 222-6036

To purchase Handi-Ride ticket books call 222-6100

TDD numbers are 722-8427 and 244-2309


Mailing address:

Hampton Roads Transit

3400 Victoria Blvd.

Hampton, Virginia 23661


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